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Merge and export

You can merge multiple models and exported them to a single .ply file with cropping, etc. applied.
This is useful for

  • Reduce file size by deleting unnecessary parts
  • Create a scene that combines multiple models

  1. Select "BP_3D_Gaussians_ModelName" placed in the level and specify the export destination in "Export" on the details tab.

    • Export Directory: Specify the destination directory to export
    • Export File Name: Specify the .ply file name to export
  2. Press the button below to execute the export of the .ply file

    • Export All: Exports all 3D Gaussians actors on the level into one merged .ply file
    • Export This: Exports this 3D Gaussians actor to a .ply file

    In both of the above cases, the export will be executed with the following applied:

    • Actor Transform
    • Enabled Block
    • Crop Volume, Kill Volume