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Alignment for long phrases

See Plugins > WhisperRealtime > Sample > BP > Alignment_Long > BP_WhisperRealtimeAlignmentLongText for a sample implementation. You can test it in sample map located at Plugins > WhisperRealtime > Sample > Map > test_AlignmentLong.

Basic setup

  1. Create an actor blueprint.
  2. Add Whisper Realtime Alignment Long component.
  3. Set the default Neural Net settings:
  4. Set the default alignment settings:
  5. Set the default alignment settings for long phrases:

    • Specify Min Token Length to Search, number of tokens to check if they have been spoken.
    • Specify Probability Threshold, a confidence threshold base for determining speech.


      If b is this value and p is the probability of occurrence of each token when silence is input, then

      (1 - p) * b + p

      is the final threshold value.

    • Specify Max Skip at Beginning of Speech, number of tokens below the threshold are allowed to be skipped at the start of a speech.

    • Specify Max Skip during Speech, number of tokens below the threshold are allowed to be skipped during a speech.
  6. Get results from On Speaking event and On Spoken event.

    • These events provide an array of Alignment Long Result. The elements of the array hold the the following 3 propeties:

      • Spoken history: Substring of the phrase up to the point where it was spoken.
      • Cursor: Index of the first token that is not yet spoken.
      • Probabilities: Probability of each token in the phrase whether or not it was spoken.
    • See How to use - Transcription page for the difference of On Speaking and On Spoken events.

    How to check the tokens and thresholds for each phrase

    Call Get Alignment Targets to get the array of Whisper Alignment Long Target.
    Each element of this array contains information such as the token ID for each phrase.

Reset the progress

Call Reset Progress function to reset the progress of alignment for all phrases.

Change settings

  • To change Alignment settings, call Change Alignment Setting function.
  • To change Phrases to Align, call Set Phrases function.
  • To change Audio Input Spectrum Analysis settings, call Change Spectrum Analysis Setting function.
  • To change Neural Net settings, call Change Neural Net Setting function.