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See Plugins > WhisperRealtime > Sample > BP > Transcript > BP_WhisperTranscriptRealtime for a sample implementation.
You can test it in sample map located at Plugins > WhisperRealtime > Sample > Map > test_Transcript.

Step-by-step tutorial

Basic setup

  1. Create an actor blueprint.
  2. Add Whisper Realtime Transcript component.
  3. Set the default Neural Net settings:

    • Specify Model Size. The larger the model, higher the accuracy and the CPU/GPU/memory usage.

      Where is Large model?

      The official implementation of Whisper offers "Large" as the largest model size, but this plugin does not include the Large model.
      This is because it is too large for game use and could not be made to work properly in the plugin developer's environment.

    • Specify Execution device, whether to use CPU or GPU.

    • Specify GPU Device ID if you use GPU and you have multiple GPUs in your PC.
    • Specify Language spoken.
    • Specify Do Translate to English. If you just want to transcribe speech to text in the language specified above, leave unchecked.
  4. Set the default Audio Input Spectrum Analysis settings:

    • Specify Volume Multiplier, volume multiplier for microphone input. No change if 1.0. This value does not affect the silence/speech determination by the threshold below.
    • Specify Silence Volume Threshold, volume threshold for determining silence.
      Maximum microphone input is 1.0. Complete silence is 0.0.
    • Specify Silence Duration Threshold, time threshold for determining silent state (in seconds).
      If the volume below Silence Volume Threshold continues for this time, a transition is made from the speech state to the silent state.
    • Specify Speaking Duration Threshold, Time threshold for determining speaking state (in seconds).
      If the volume above Silence Volume Threshold continues for this time, a transition is made from the silent state to the speech state.
  5. Set the default transcript settings:

    • Specify Prohibited Phrases if you want to suppress certain phrases.
      • Note that this feature simply removes the specified phrases from the result. If you specify a short phrase, for example at, the phrase will be removed from all words (e.g. that becomes th).
  6. Get results from On Speaking event and On Spoken event.

    • On Speaking event gives intermidiate result while the user is still speaking.
    • On Spoken event gives the final result after the user stops speaking.


    Note that the end of the On Speaking result tends to be incorrect because the speech is abruptly cut off in the middle of the speech.


    The values for Audio Input Spectrum Analysis settings are used to determine user is speaking or not.

Change settings

  • To change Audio Input Spectrum Analysis settings, call Change Spectrum Analysis Setting function.
  • To change Neural Net settings, call Change Neural Net Setting function.

Stop and restart

  • To stop transcription or translation, call Stop Mic Input function.
  • To restart transcription or translation, call Restart Mic Input function.