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Use the latest version of ONNX Runtime

To use a version of ONNX Runtime other than v1.8, please follow the steps below.
(Currently, this method only works with the plugin for UE5.2 on Windows)

Build ONNX Runtime

  • Build ONNX Runtime with DirectML, CUDA, and TensorRT enabled.
    See the official documentation for build instructions.

  • For v1.15.1, you can download a binary file built in the development environment, but we do not guarantee that it works correctly.

    Versions of CUDA, cudNN, TRT used in v1.15.1

    We have tested with the following versions:

    • CUDA 11.8.0
    • cuDNN 8.9.2
    • TensorRT

    The following GPU was used:

    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070

Change settings of NNEngine plugin

  • Copy the plugin folder from the engine folder to the project folder.

    Copy from:<UE install folder>/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/NNEngine>
    Copy to:<Project folder>/Plugins/NNEngine>
  • Open the following file:

    <Project folder>/Plugins/NNEngine/Source/OnnxRuntimeNNEngine/OnnxRuntimeNNEngine.Build.cs>

    Rewrite line 25 of this file.

    int ortApiVersion = <API version of ONNX Runtime to use. For example, "15" for ONNX Runtime v1.15.1>; 

Replace ONNX Runtime

  • Replace the following folder with your built ONNX Runtime.

    <Project folder>/Plugins/NNEngine/Source/ThirdParty/onnxruntime>
  • Move all necessary DLLs to the following folder.

    <Project folder>/Plugins/NNEngine/Source/ThirdParty/onnxruntime/bin>


    • onnxruntime.dll
    • onnxruntime_providers_shared.dll
    • onnxruntime_providers_cuda.dll
    • onnxruntime_providers_tensorrt.dll
    • DirectML.dll
    • zlibwapi.dll

    For our pre-built v1.15.1 binaries, this step is already done.